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Opened August 2019

We are Open!

Tuesday - Saturday - 11 am to 3:30 pm

If no one is at the gallery - text 337-277-4473

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Opened August 2019

We are Open!

Pink Alligator Gallery is open for business. Please note our Grand Opening celebration will be held in mid-October. Date to be announced!

Tuesday - Saturday - 11 am to 3:30 pm

If no one is at the gallery - text 337-277-4473

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Kelly Guidry



Kelly developed a personal style that he refers to as “modern primitive.” There are raw honesty and a balance of masculine and feminine elements to his work, which appears heavy-handed, yet deliberate and controlled. His sculptures have an openness in which people attach personal meaning to, therefore creating work that connects with people in their most positive thoughts and emotions — all balanced with smooth, sensual curves and meticulous surface details.

LeRoy's Boys



Brothers Shine (left) and William (right) Sonnier, known as “The LeRoy’s Boys”, have been art lovers all their lives. Mostly love "Folk" and "Outsider" Art for the beautiful bright colors and the meaning behind the artists' pieces. Inspired by other outsider folk artists, most of their art is constructed with old tin, mirrors, and glass. 

“We hope you will enjoy and understand our pieces, if not stay tuned because tomorrow we may have a vision you will enjoy".

- Keep Creating, Leroy's Boys


Marshall Blevins



Regardless of so many things, mules are steady-standing ready, ripe for metaphor. The mule is a small, forgotten part of history always begging, 'what else are y'all missin’? What else y'all left behind? What else can I tell you about your future? Marshall Blevins explores the southern past through her paintings and tales of the  ‘Church Goin Mule’, a series that will forever live in your heart just as the trotting mules seems to live forever. 

Inspired by the Blues, men like black Alabama communist born-again Ned Cobb, folklorist Zora Neale Hurston, and the ever-mystery of personal ancestry, she creates stories within stories through each painting of her beloved mule.  

Bill Nethery

abstract art with bright colors

Bill Nethery was born and raised in Algiers, LA.  He eventually got degrees in Forest Biology at North Carolina State University and now works as a wetlands biologist.  He also has worked with wood and played music as hobbies for many years.  Mr. Nethery has always enjoyed viewing and learning about art, but decided to try painting (while his nephew Sean was an art student) so that he could have a better idea of what it is like to work with that medium.  His favorite color combination is obviously blue and gold, but some day he will ask his nephew Sean to help him branch out so that Sean can show him what he learned in art class.

These paintings were created in the interest of repurposing photograph paper that would otherwise be in the landfill. The paint was put on the back of the photograph and worked into shapes until a noticeable form appeared. Then specific elements were added to complete the figure or story that had unfolded. This process is much like looking at clouds to see what shapes are there, but then adding things like eyes or feet. It begs the question of whether there was actual composition, which is one of the components of art, as Mr. Nethery learned from his nephew. The title or story that comes out is a whole different matter.

Christine Thibodeaux


This spot reserved for an exciting update 

Lisa Kate Ferry

Voodoo dolls

Kate Ferry, a graphic design graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, has more than 30 years of experience in graphic design, illustration and production (print and digital). Currently freelancing graphic design and illustration from her home in New Iberia, Louisiana, Kate has produced award-winning art direction and design in print design, television, animation, and illustration both for advertising agencies and on a freelance basis for local, regional and national advertising campaigns. She received the Acadiana Advertising Federation 2013 Art Director of the Year Award and Gold Addy Award for her designs for Becoming Louisiana: The Path to Statehood, a project for the Louisiana State Bicentennial Commission curated by Herman Mhire. Miss Ferry’s clients include and have included state and local tourism, state and local political campaigns, construction industry, healthcare industry, restaurant and hospitality industry, state and local libraries, arts and cultural organizations and non-profit organizations. ​ 

Recently, Kate has been creating fine art and fun art again. The Voodoo Dolls (along with Dia de los Muertos dolls and Courir de Mardi Gras dolls) are the fun art! Originally designed/created for her Krewe des Canailles Mardi Gras sub-krewe the Krewe de Voodoo Dolls, Kate continued making them and is happy to have them exclusively at Pink Alligator Gallery in Breaux Bridge. Made with sticks, paint, buttons, recycled objects, beads, raffia, twine, moss and so on Kate's Voodoo Dolls are colorful, fun and bring good, creative voodoo wherever they go. They’ll put a spell on you!

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