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August 2019

We are Open!

Tues - Sat 11 AM - 4 PM

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August 2019

We are Open!

Pink Alligator Gallery is open for business. Please note our Grand Opening celebration will be held in mid-September. Date to be announced!

Tues - Sat 11 AM - 4 PM


Kelly Guidry



Kelly developed a personal style that he refers to as “modern primitive.” There are raw honesty and a balance of masculine and feminine elements to his work, which appears heavy-handed, yet deliberate and controlled. His sculptures have an openness in which people attach personal meaning to, therefore creating work that connects with people in their most positive thoughts and emotions — all balanced with smooth, sensual curves and meticulous surface details.

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LeRoy's Boys



Brothers William and Shine Sonnier, known as “The LeRoy’s Boys”, have been art lovers all their lives. Mostly love "Folk" and "Outsider" Art for the beautiful bright colors and the meaning behind the artists' pieces. Inspired by other outsider folk artists, most of their art is constructed with old tin, mirrors, and glass. 

“We hope you will enjoy and understand our pieces, if not stay tuned because tomorrow we may have a vision you will enjoy".

- Keep Creating, Leroy's Boys


Marshall Blevins



Regardless of so many things, mules are steady-standing ready, ripe for metaphor. The mule is a small, forgotten part of history always begging, 'what else are y'all missin’? What else y'all left behind? What else can I tell you about your future? Marshall Blevins explores the southern past through her paintings and tales of the  ‘Church Goin Mule’, a series that will forever live in your heart just as the trotting mules seems to live forever. 

Inspired by the Blues, men like black Alabama communist born-again Ned Cobb, folklorist Zora Neale Hurston, and the ever-mystery of personal ancestry, she creates stories within stories through each painting of her beloved mule.  


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